Worst Films of 2019

This has been an incredible year for film. From The Farewell to The Irishman and it is easy to say that we are so lucky. However, many films unfortunately could not hit their mark and turned out to be absolute trash. Here is a list of my least favorite films of 2019.

Men In Black: International

Tessa Thompson has proved to be an incredibly talented actress and quite honestly she is probably the only great thing about this movie. Hollow jokes that felt like they were written by a 12-year-old boy made this film feel so dull. That coupled with our high expectations made Men In Black: International fall short, very short. Moral of the story: Reboots are almost never a good idea.

Molly (Tessa Thompson) and Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) in Men In Black: International


I have I have never walked out of a movie before and I almost did while watching Ma. It was almost unbearable. This movie lacked so much depth that could have made it a great. It honestly could have been a hit, but the absence of any conviction made me groan and cringe. By the end of the film, nothing felt resolved. Diana Silvers was the best thing about Ma

(from left) Chaz (Gianni Paolo), Sue Ann (Octavia Spencer) and Haley (McKaley Miller) in “Ma,” directed by Tate Taylor.


The last five minutes of Serenity will make you scream internally and possibly even mumble an audible “WTF?!” If you took one of those melodramatic romance novels that gramma used to read and cross-breed it with a feeble attempt to emulate Black Mirror’s profound style, you get Serenity. A literal mess that feels almost satirical. Half the movie I thought I was being pranked.

Baker Dill (Matthew McConaughey) and Karen Zariakas (Anne Hathaway) in Serenity

The Upside

The remake of 2011’s Les Intouchables attempted to stand alone from its predecessor and I think that’s where they went wrong. The Upside was void of any genuine sentiment that was heavily themed in the original iteration. Even if you do not compare this film to the original, it’s a bland and dry and tries to hard to be heart-felt. Just stick to the original.

Phillip Lacasse (Bryan Cranston) and Dell Scott (Kevin Hart) in The Upside

The Goldfinch

I went into The Goldfinch with high expectations and left feeling a bit deceived. The Goldfinch tried to be profound but end up just being an irrationally absurd story about the journey of a somewhat meaningful painting. I have heard from numerous sources that the book is so much better than this film and I can honestly believe that, however, the film was just so confusing and lacked any motive for the characters actions. There were so many things going on at the same time and not enough reasons why they were happening. The Goldfinch looked beautiful and you can thank Roger Deakins for that. Oh, and it was nice to see Luke Wilson again though, even if he plays a bad, bad dad.

Young Theo Decker (Oakes Fegley) and Young Boris (Finn Wolfherd) in The Goldfinch


Yeah, you probably have already heard all about it. So I will just leave you this uncomfortably “realistic” interpretation of what cat-humans seemingly would look like…

Victoria (Francesca Hayward) and Munkustrap (Robbie Fairchild) in Cats


Greta had the opportunity to be a great thriller. But It ended up just being a poorly put together mess of awkward chemistry. It was difficult to make any emotional connection the characters which then made it difficult to feel any sympathy. I do not understand Chloë Grace Moretz who can act in a complex and emotional film like The Miseducation Of Cameron Post and then somehow end up in Greta where she cannot act to save her life.

Frances McCullen (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Greta (Isabelle Humpert) in Greta

Lucy In The Sky

What began as a promising film, quickly derailed and turned into a meaningless revenge plot, much like the true story the film is based on. Lucy In The Sky is about an astronaut that loses her connection with reality after experiencing her first space walk and eventually becomes haunted by existentialism. Natalie Portman absolutely did great and made first half of Lucy In the Sky look and feel absolutely beautiful. The second half felt rushed and incomplete, with considering the first half. It just could not follow though.

Lucy Cola (Natalie Portman) in Lucy In The Sky

That is all I have for 2019. There are, I am sure, several films I missed. If you would like to add any I may have missed, put them in the comment section. I would love to see your take on the worst films of 2019.

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