Bradley Cooper’s Next Project Will Be A Netflix Original


bcooper20201Bradley Cooper’s newest project as first reported by has been acquired by Netflix. A film about the life of Leonard Bernstein. A highly anticipated project, the follow-up to his successful film “A Star Is Born” was originally being developed at Paramount. This adds to the ever-growing catalog of Netflix originals. Netflix, having two Best Picture Nominations at the 92nd Academy Awards, is looking to continue this momentum into 2020 with even more original content.

The Cooper directed Bernstein film is expected to have a theatrical release, most likely limited following suit of other Netflix films that received a “theatrical” release. “The Irishman” and “Marriage Story” technically had a theatrical release but was limited to only major cities across the United States. Paramount will be transferring the right to this film to Netflix. An early competitor who intended on developing a biopic regarding Leonard Bernstein was shot down after Paramount received the exclusive rights from Bernstein’s estate. The rival project was headed by Cary Fukunaga, with Jake Gyllenhaal set to play Bernstein.

Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut was nothing short of stunning. Bringing to life another adaptation of the classic Hollywood story “A Star Is Born”. He proved right from the beginning that he really has a knack for film, on and off the screen. I am very excited to see what he will do next.

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