The Climb, Sundance Film #1


The Climb  ★★★1/2 Letterboxd Score

Direction by: Michael Covino

Starring: Michael Covino, Kyle Marvin

Sony Pictures Classics, theatrical release in March

My first film of Sundance 2020 was “The Climb” and it was really just a foreshadow of what was to come. The following days were nothing short of an uphill struggle, very fulfilling, but one hell of a struggle to make waitlists on time all while trying to stay sane, rested and well nourished. Sundance can be absolutely exhausting. I am so glad we made it in to “The Climb”. When I first saw the trailer I knew right away that I was going to love this one.

The film, first conceptualized as a short that actually first premiered at Sundance 2018 and allowed the film to be eventually receive funding to be turned into a feature, which will now be distributed nationally by Sony Pictures Classic in early 2020. “The Climb” starts off with the two best friends of the film biking together in the south of France. Kyle (Kyle Marvin) is really excited about life and rightfully so, he is about to marry a beautiful French woman. As Kyle begins to express his gratitude for his best friend Mike (Michael Covino), he confesses to Kyle that he slept with his fiance, right at the largest incline. Kyle beginning out of shape hilariously attempts to catch Mike as they fight the incline, the metaphor that inspires the title of the film as well as the overall theme.

We carry on to see the consequences of Mike’s actions and how these two ex-best friends try to mend their broken friendship. From chapter to chapter, they move up and down in a roller coaster of emotions. “The Climb” is mostly a story about how to forgive, however it does have a bit more complexity to it. We are also taught to understand how not to settle for just anything short of what makes us happy. We should fight for the happiness of those we love and care about, or at least make an attempt.

I think anyone can enjoy the light-hearted fun found in the film. It is hard to find anything really anything bad about it. It may be hard at times to accept how some things resolve, but you will be satisfied by the end. Definitely make time to go check this one if it comes to theatres nearby.

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