Kajillionaire, Sundance Review

Kajillionaire - Still 1


Direction By: Miranda July

Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Gina Rodriguez, Richard Jenkins, Debra Winger

Music By: Emile Mosseri

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Letterboxd Score

I gave this movie a perfect five stars because I loved every moment of it. It is a bit early to say just how this movie might be received by the general public, but I sure hope they see it as positively as I did.

Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood) is an only child. At 26 years old, she still lives with her parents in the back of a car wash? —It’s not exactly clear where they live, but it seems like they have rented out an old office space and that is where this small family calls home. Her father (Richard Jenkins) and mother (Debra Winger) are con artists that have essentially recruited their daughter to suspiciously commit small, petty scams with them. One day, in an attempt to make money for rent that is far past due, Old Dolio hatches a plan. They will use a ticket they have won to fly to New York City for the weekend and on the way back they will falsely report their bags missing and receive the travel insurance of $1500. Seems foolproof. Except, on the way back from New York, the patriarch of this con family accidentally reveals their plan to his sexy Latina seatmate, Melanie (Gina Rodriguez). So naturally, she gets involved, but more than just involved in this one airline scam. She eventually becomes a detrimental piece in this family’s life.

Miranda July has an absolutely brilliant mind. She is creative and witty. I admit this is my first film of hers that I have watched, but I will certainly continue to stand by her genius. Her humor is complex, it is not quite so simple to understand and may take a moment to make sense, but that is what makes her so unique. There is some magical charm about “Kajillionaire” that struck a chord with me, something clicked. I have said this before, I am an emotional person and at times, I lead with emotion. This may be the case with Kajillionaire, but I do not necessarily think that it’s a bad thing. I think if you put away any judgment and simply just experience this film, I think you could enjoy it just as much as I did. Give this one a chance when it hits theatres later this year.

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