Promising Young Woman, Sundance Film #6

promising young woman 2020

Promising Young Woman ★★★★ Letterboxd Score

Direction By: Emerald Fennell

Starring: Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham, Adam Brody, Alison Brie

Focus Features, In Theatres April 17th, 2020

This. One. Is. Heartbreaking.

Nothing prepares you for just how shocking the end is. Yeah, I’m starting backward for this one. Everything that leads up to the ending is thrilling and inspiring that you are in absolute disbelief when you watch the last 15 minutes.

This one is unique. A sort of empowering film about how a lone woman becomes a vigilante figure seeking justice for the injustices of men who have taken advantage of women. Cassie (Carey Mulligan) has experienced for herself this injustice. Her best friend since childhood, brutally raped and then told that she was “just drunk”, leading to her self demise is a story that is sadly far too common in today’s society. Cassie goes on a spree of dishing out her own justice. By night, she baits herself as the feeble young, drunk women. An easy target for literally any piece of a shit man looking for a “one night stand”. Cassie carefully records every man she comes in contact with and continues this rampage until one day she meets someone. Ryan (Bo Burnham) a charming young man that went to the same medical school that Cassie attended. When they eventually fall in love, Cassie discovers a dark secret about Ryan that turns her soft spot into a black hole, into a void that presumably will never ever be able to be filled.

Cassie falls back into her vindictive state for one last move.

“Promising Young Woman” shows what happens when there is nothing else that can be done. When a woman is quite literally at wit’s end. It shows us what could happen when you have nothing else to resort to. There is a powerful lesson in this movie and I really hope that this message is what people understand by the end.

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