Spree, An Ambitiously Creative Film About How Social Media F$%#s With Our Minds, Sundance Film #5

Spree 2020

Spree ★★★★ Letterbox Score

Direction By: Eugene Kotlyarenko

Starring: Joe Keery, Sasheer Zamata, David Arquette, Kyle Mooney, Mischa Barton, Josh Ovalle

No plans for distribution, yet.

Spree is an ambitious satire on how large of an impact social media can play in our mental health.

Kurt Kunkle (Joe Kerry) is a social media reject that has been creating mediocre posts for nearly ten years. One day he has the ultimate idea of how to gain clout and become a viral sensation. Kurt drives for one of the biggest ridesharing companies in Los Angeles, Spree. Knowing that he has the opportunity to meet so many influencers, he fits his ride with cameras at all angles and it does not take long for him to get someone with a significant following in his Spree. Jessie Adams (Sasheer Zamata) is a stand-up comedian well known for her presence on Instagram. Kurt, thirsty with the idea of being “liked”, desperately pleads with her to plug him on her social media and thus begins the wild ride that is @kurtsworld96.

Kurt represents the idea of what can go wrong with social media. All Kurt wanted was to be liked, but he took it too far. “Spree” is a satire, a commentary about how we can lose touch with reality when chasing social media clout. It is really sad how some people will do anything to get followers and “Spree” took that as far it could possibly go. To be quite honest, it made me feel disgusted about our current social state. We have become so disconnected, all while we think we have become even more connected. Social media is going to continue on this trend and soon we just might have an entire society of awkward individuals that don’t even know how to look at each other in the eyes properly. “Spree” eventually has plans to release to the public, keep an eye and give this one a shot, it’ll open your eyes to what’s happening right now.

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