Must Watch Movies Streaming Right Now

We have so much incredible content at our fingertips that it can be so overwhelming to find what we should divert our attention to next. Well I’ll make it a little easier for you, here are my top picks for what is streaming now, February 2020.


Good Time, Netflix

With the Safdie Brothers and Robert Pattinson respectfully doing it big in 2019, it is no surprise that when their collaborative film “Good Time” dropped on Netflix, I had to figuratively alert the masses to experience this thrilling masterpiece. When Connie’s mentally challenged brother gets caught by the police after their botched robbery, he decides that he needs to do anything by any means to save his brother from the hell that Rikers prison is.


Honey Boy, Amazon Prime

Alma Har’el, the Israeli-American filmmaker lead the charge on bringing to life Shia LeBeouf’s therapy session diary. It may not have been known by many, but the root of Shia’s notoriously eccentric outbursts from his late teens, to mid-20s was a result of his misguided relationship with his abusive father. “Honey Boy” is essentially a meta love letter to his father, acknowledging that he is a flawed man but appreciating the fact that he did add to his success in his career.


The Last Black Man In San Francisco, Amazon Prime

This one top the list for me in 2019, taking the #1 spot for best film of the year. It is probably the closest to perfect of any film I have watched in recent years. The thing about TLBMISF is that it is created by two San Franciscans by birth and heart Jimmie Fails and Joe Talbot. That is what sets this film apart from other films, it is truly and genuinely a heartfelt tribute to the city they loved. To me, this film is a masterpiece and should be used as an example for future filmmakers how to properly capture and invoke emotion.


The Master, Netflix

“The Master” is so unlike anything you’ve seen. It is the unauthorized fictional story based on the life of L. Ron Hubbard, but stands completely by itself. Paul Thomas Anderson, in collaboration with Joaquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman bring this picture to life and then steadily create a sense of uneasiness that you cannot turn away from. You become enthralled in this incredible relationship of student and master. Not only is the story captivating, but you will be in awe by the beautiful cinematography.


Booksmart, Hulu

Often compared to the cult coming of age film “Superbad”, “Booksmart” is far more supreme. Where “Superbad” lacked, “Booksmart” excelled. Above all, this one is a crude comedy, but done very, very tastefully. Olivia Wilder was able to take the generic idea of the genre that has been tried so many times and turn it into something special.


The Art of Self Defense, Hulu

One of my personal favorites of 2019. Imogen Poots really shined in this film with co-star Jesse Eisenberg, even so that they star in another film together called “Vivarium” which is set be released in 2020. “The Art of Self Defense” is a satirical take of the idea of toxic masculinity. An indie guilty pleasure, with dry moments, but very well done.


There you go, these are some of top picks for what is streaming right now. Let me know what you think, add any recommendations in the comments below.


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