‘Emma.’ Is A Cleverly Written Romantic Comedy of the Highest Caliber

E M M A .

Emma ★★★★ Letterboxd Score

Direction By: Autumn De Wilde

Screenplay By: Eleanor Catton

Starring: Ana Taylor-Joy, Johnny Flynn, Josh O’Connor, Mia Goth, Miranda Hart, Bill Nighy

Focus Features In Theatres March 6th, 2020

Emma is exquisitely performed, brilliantly cast, and beautifully set in a buttery pastel dream world.

The one thing that sets this adaptation apart from the others in the past is that this one is delightfully more British. You can tell right away that everyone was thoughtfully placed in their roles. Emma (Ana Taylor-Joy) really stole the show. I won’t dive right into the story, you may already be familiar if you have read the critically acclaimed novel. So I will spend my time on what makes this such a great adaptation.

The cast, essentially is all from England naturally. Now do not take this the wrong way, but this allowed for so many accurate details including the stereotypical British snaggletooth. It is important to for the cast to be entirely British because this adds a genuineness to the story and creates a more realistic world where the characters to exist. Every actor and actress contributed whole hardheartedly and that was what the writing to life.


It is easy to tell when a script is poorly written, however it is equally as easy to tell when the script is well written and such was the case with Emma. The pace of story moved so easily that you are never bored or overwhelmed. In a story like Emma, there is a lot that you have to follow. From love interest to love interest and new characters coming and going, each moment was appropriately written to allow the main characters develop for our sake.

Emma was a very well-rounded film. The performances, the costume design, the writing, directing, and set design was all impeccably accomplished. In a time where adaptations and remakes flood the theatres this one is definitely on the good side. So give this one a chance!



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