Hidden Gem of the day: American Honey

Shia Lebeouf and Sash Lane star as Jake and Star in American Honey

It’s not often that a film can make you feel so many feelings. In 2 hours and 43 minutes of the most raw, visceral footage. You feel a mix of emotions. Director Andrea Arnold somehow captures beautiful what it means to be a young adult in modern America. What it means to be free and have nothing holding you back.

American Honey is about more than just some kids selling magazines. It’s an existential perspective of what it means to be a kid from low income status. Personally, being from that same economic class, I witnessed a lot of the same things that were shown in the film. The lack of parental guidance which leads to an under disciplined lifestyle. As a kid, you have to take upon yourself to figure out life. Sitting at 2 hours and 43 minutes, there isn’t a moment in this story that will leave you uninterested. You will certainly find parts of this film hard to digest, but that’s what makes American Honey such an incredible film.

Reminiscent of the works of Harmony Korine (Kids, Beach Bum). American Honey is filmed in a way that it feels like a home video, which is congruent with it’s plot, a ratchet love story and coming of age story of two kids from low income families that are just trying to figure out what life is about. The chemistry of this cast is absolutely incredible. Each one of the cast members interact with each other so well, it feels as if they’ve been friends for years. Actually, a majority of the cast are not actors by nature, but were chosen by their unique personality to add to the film.

If you enjoy real, dramatic stories, then I can assure you American Honey will not disappoint. Watch it now on Netflix.

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