Hidden Gem of the Day: Honey Boy

 Make me look good, Honey Boy.

Honey Boy is the brain child of Shia LeBeouf, the Hollywood bad boy that turned into into face for recovery after he had a run in with the police in 2017. These are the events that led up to the creation of Honey Boy and eventually come full circle. Honey Boy is in every way meta.

After Shia was arrested for assaulting an officer, he was given the opportunity to partake in a mental rehabilitation clinic as oppose to serving jail time. This is where Shia wrote the film Honey Boy as part of his therapy program. The film itself, uses alternative names is actually a biographical take from Shia’s perspective about his relationship with his father when he was a Disney channel star. The film is a genuine and beautifully recounted story of childhood trauma and how that it can continue to affect the way the child grows into an adult. Having a very limited release in mostly independent theatres, chances are you may have missed this one, but it is now currently streaming on Amazon Prime so go check it out now!

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